Let your child experience learning at one of the best schools in Chennai

As MVM Mogappair gears up to take its place among the best schools in Chennai, we reiterate our firm commitment to giving every student the ideal experience in all aspects within our campus. Our academics are not just on par with the top CBSE schools in Mogappair but go several steps further by integrating a world view with each lesson/ topic. Powered by technology, our lessons are delivered in a unique fashion with elements such as interactive games specifically designed to captivate and involve children of all ages. Visit our Technology Powered Lessons page for more details.

MVM Mogappair is one of the few good schools in Chennai where we do not believe in overloading the students with work to do at home. We have a strong Minimal Homework policy and our focus is on learning by experience and collaboration rather than learning by rote/ memorization. Our students are trained to asses the information they are given, critically analyse it all and formulate solutions on their own.

MVM school students at lab

We aim to nurture a healthy spirit of enquiry in each child by exposing them to information from various sources in addition to prescribed text books. To this end, we have some unique labs such as the Star Labs and Hydroponics lab where the student learns by exploration and examination.

In addition, we also have several co-scholastic offerings to inculcate various other valuable skills in the child such as public speaking, critical thinking, values and ethics, social responsibility. We aim at multi- skilled evolution across our student body and to ensure this we have workshops and labs such as the Life Skills Lab and Samskruthi Lab among others.

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Technology Powered Lessons

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Critical-Analytical Thinking

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No Stress Learning

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Multi-Skilled Evolution

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