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Formal Learning can teach you a great deal but many of the ESSENTIAL skills in life are those that you have to develop on your own- Lee Iacocca

Welcome to the Life Skills Workshop where every student is empowered to handle the everyday aspects of life.

Stepping into adulthood means managing one's own life independently. In our Life Skills workshops, this is what we teach our students, preparing them to step into adulthood with complete independence.

Be it simple tasks related to setting up a home and managing it or takin care of simple household and personal maintenance, life skills are essential. Apart from these, one of the most critical areas where our students must be taught the basics is personal finance and basic banking. How to manage money, how to save for the future, how do banking transactions work, what precautions should they take with respect to money- these are things that we will familiarize your child with in this workshop

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