We are a well reputed CBSE school in Mogappair and we follow this curriculum for all classes. A unique blend of the Montessori- Waldorf method of teaching is used by our pre-primary teachers. We use NCERT syllabus based books and Hodder for English as followed across all MVM schools.
Our multiple intelligence based teaching methodology engages the child to ensure that no child is left behind. Every learner learns differently. Our lessons have a perfect blend of visual, audio elements and are interactive and experiential so as to involve every child in the learning process. Our teachers encourage the child to think on their own and analyse on their own before formulating their own solutions independently. Apart from creating independent thinkers, we also focus on all aspects of the child’s character development, making them bold, confident individuals.
Our pedagogy has no room for learning by rote or for forcing information and knowledge upon the child without laying a foundation of clear understanding first. Our students will be trained and taught to think, learn and write and synthesize their own answers. Our teachers are fully committed to training until the desired outcome is expected.
We start this process from scratch and train the child completely so in 3 months she will be able to start writing. We follow the LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing) chronology in all subjects.
Student teacher ratio for Pre-primary is 25:2 and for Grade 1 to 8 students is 35:1
The Multiple Intelligence teaching methodology involves EVERY SINGLE child in the learning process through audio- visual tools that span games, quizzes, videos as well as textual content. Our teachers create a learning environment where the child is encouraged to ask questions and explore on their own. Our experienced teachers are trained to impart knowledge to each child in the way he or she best assimilates it. We understand that some children may learn through listening, others learn by experiencing, while still others have to see the concept unfold and so on. We factor all learning styles into our teaching method with each child being given the care they need to maximize learning outcomes.
Inhouse training at specialized academy with subject experts for all competitive exams will be offered as an integrated course.
Our school is a Green Building, fully solar powered and built using eco- friendly materials as specified under green earth regulations. We also follow many practices so that our carbon footprint is minimized. Some examples of how and why MVM Mogappair is a Green Environment:
  • Fly ash bricks used in construction
  • Entirely powered by solar energy and the excess energy generated given back to the electricity board
  • Rain water harvesting and water recycling systems in place
  • Remote sensing taps to conserve water
  • Staircase bays installed with oxygen plants to ensure pure, clean, breathable air
  • Designed to ensure maximum natural light within classrooms to reduce artificial lighting
  • We also follow strict waste reduction programs across the school
Samsung Tab devices will be given to all students 6th grade onwards for all projects and to follow reinforcement lesson assignments.
We have both indoor and outdoor sports area. We offer basketball, football and cricket (Tie- up with a popular cricket academy). Apart from this, we also offer skating in indoor area as well as chess, carrom and table tennis. Archery, rifle shooting and martial arts like silambam and kalarippayattu are offered as part of curriculum and also as add-on classes after school hours for children who wish to take it up more seriously. Post- school sessions will be charged nominally.
We offer both value education and life skills workshops to ensure that each child is empowered with the right tools to become a socially and morally responsible global citizen. You will find more about our values education in our Samskruthi Lab tab. Our life skills workshops include introduction to personal financial literacy and investing, basic skills like cooking, carpentry, home management, etc. Food science is another area that we will be covering in these classes. Furthermore, all life skills classes as per CBSE guidelines will be covered comprehensively.
Yes, all our teachers are fully qualified as per CBSE requirements and we meticulously go through credentials when we hire our staff to ensure that they can give the best outcomes to our students. We have orientation programs and refresher programs spread over the year for all our teachers on pedagogy, classroom delivery and assessments.
Yes, they will help our teachers integrate our tech tools into the classroom lesson seamlessly and they will also allow the use of audio, visual and video tools to engage the child at a deeper level and improve memory retention as well. In short, they make learning fun and exciting.
Our staffing process is done with special care being given to these aspects so we hire only the top notch educators who understand and utilize the resources we have. Further, to perfect their ability to leverage all of our resources, we have orientation programs and refresher programs spread over the year for all our teachers on pedagogy, classroom delivery and assessments.
At present we have tied up with subject matter experts for space education, public speaking programs, theatre/ story telling sessions. MVM Mogappair will periodically engage with other external providers to enhance the skill sets of students. This will be an ongoing process.
MVM Mogappair will enrol 1000 students in all.
You can get in touch with us in the following ways:
Website: www.mvmmogappair.in
Email: admission@mvmmogappair.in
Phone: 6374 100 100/ 6379 100 100
https://www.instagram.com/mvmmogappair/ https://www.facebook.com/MVMSchoolMogappair/ https://twitter.com/MVMMogappair
You can also drop in at the school campus located at “Nova Colours”, Malligeshwari Street, Nolambur, Chennai-600095
Our aim is to make our students, with the parents’ cooperation, capable of free thinking first and foremost. Apart from this, we encourage them to present their views confidently via public speaking sessions, GDs, and brainstorming sessions in class. Our teachers will invest every effort in honing every student so that they are capable of independently managing their academic and other fields. Our students will be confident and bold children.
Our teachers will help you orchestrate a step by step development of the child to bring him or her out of the shell. We have several tools as part of our teaching methodology- GDs, brainstorming, public speaking, theatre, storytelling etc. that all encourage the child to become more expressive and confident about being in the spotlight.
We have plenty to offer apart from academics. Grade 1 to 8 students will have 4 classes a week in music, dance, arts and crafts, theatre and storytelling, martial arts and also special activities like space lab and hydroponics lab. We offer self- defence classes as well, as part of school curriculum and the child can choose between karate, kalaripayattu and silambam here. Children can also opt for extended classes after school hours in these self defence disciplines on payment of a nominal fee.
The pre-primary classes will function from 8.30 to 12.30. For older children, school hours are 8.30 to 3.30. After school activities will be conducted post school break at 3.30 pm.
Our Multiple Intelligence learning system addresses this at root level and ensures all children learn effectively in ways that involve them best. We are committed to ensuring that no student is left behind. But to go further, we have our special education dept that is committed to helping children with extra needs.
Yes, all classes are equipped with smart boards.
Pre-primary children will have 5 classes per week with smart boards in play.
Starting with basic checks at entry points, like temperature check, to complete hygiene and cleaning at regular intervals of all high- risk areas (especially rest rooms and hand wash locations), we take every precaution to ensure that the school premises do not present any health hazard to student or staff. Handwash is provided at several locations throughout the school campus and also in rest rooms (regularly refilled). All government guidelines with respect to social distancing, mask usage will be adhered to without compromise. We take the health of our students and staff very seriously indeed and to this effect, we have mini oxygen plants installed in all stairway bays to ensure circulation of clean, good air throughout the A/C environment.
  • CCTV coverage throughout the school campus to monitor activity and to quickly identify unauthorized entry
  • Play areas supervised by qualified personnel whenever children are present
  • All frequent access areas (rest rooms, lunch area, sports areas) monitored by appropriate personnel
  • All staff hired after meticulous background checks
  • Parents issued entry pass and allowed entrance only if pass is presented at the gate
  • No unauthorized entries allowed within school campus
In current pandemic climate, we also take special care about safety of students and staff from health hazards in the following ways:
  • Handwash provided at several locations throughout the school campus and also in rest rooms (regularly refilled)
  • All government guidelines with respect to social distancing, mask usage adhered to without compromise
  • Oxygen plants installed in all stairway bays to ensure circulation of clean, good air throughout the A/C environment
  • Duct A/C used across the campus to prevent direct flow of air upon children that can cause discomfort
  • We also have food science workshops on a regular basis to help our children learn about good, nutritious diet and harmful foods.
Every 3 years the fee structure will undergo revision.
Our principal is fully qualified and experienced as per CBSE norms. You can find more details in our Teachers and Staff tab under the About Us section.
Yes, we have parallel teachers for pre-primary.
For all pre-primary classes we have one AuntyMa to assist the teacher and students.
The KG classroom setup will be ready by March and parents can visit.
Each grade will have two sections to maximise the attention each student gets from the teachers.