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Dome and non-dome VR Emerge-based immersive space lab commute the student to a mesmeric and realistic 360-degree view of space and a 4D pragmatic exploration of the unexplored celestial system. The child can fly to the edge of the ISS and explore its architecture to design an economical and strong spacesuit in the future. They can time travel and dive into a black hole to explore the physics of mysterious dark matter, the 178 satellites of our solar system, and distant worlds. Space education and certificates from ISRO and NASA help space lovers to represent the nation in an international arena.

Life skills workshop

Formal Learning can teach you a great deal but many of the ESSENTIAL skills in life are those that you have to develop on your own- Lee Iacocca

Welcome to the Life Skills Workshop where every student is empowered to handle the everyday aspects of life.

Stepping into adulthood means managing one's own life independently. In our Life Skills workshops, this is what we teach our students, preparing them to step into adulthood with complete independence.

Be it simple tasks related to setting up a home and managing it or takin care of simple household and personal maintenance, life skills are essential. Apart from these, one of the most critical areas where our students must be taught the basics is personal finance and basic banking. How to manage money, how to save for the future, how do banking transactions work, what precautions should they take with respect to money- these are things that we will familiarize your child with in this workshop

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Martial arts

In today’s world, it is very critical for the child to learn self defence techniques. This is where martial arts come in very handy. The confidence, poise and mental control that martial arts techniques teach help the child manage not just physical confrontations but also emotional and mental ones with ease and calm

We have experts teaching our students these critical skills and inculcating in them a sense of self- assurance about their physical and mental abilities. This goes a long way in aiding the child in many ways including in building a confident personality.

At MVM Mogappair, we also offer traditional Indian martial arts skills such as Kalaripayattu and Silambam in keeping with our mission to encourage a return to our heritage.

Theatre/ Storytelling

Theatre is simplest and most effective way to encourage a child to come out of their shell and explore their own expression and creativity in the most spectacular way. At MVM Mogappair, we have tied up with seasoned trainers with experience in theatrical arts and story telling who know how to communicate with young ones.

Theatre and story telling workshops help the child learn how to listen attentively, follow, and then to participate in team activities seamlessly. This is the best way to make the child open up, voice their opinions and speak up in a crowd without hesitation. Theatre and story telling also creates a conducive environment when the child’s creative side can emerge and blossom. At MVM Mogappair, we have plenty of such activities interspersed with academics to draw the child out and to help them learn to showcase their hidden talents while also inculcating in them essential skills like speaking boldly up on a stage.

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Music/ Dance

The importance of music/ dance in the student’s life is often overlooked. But at MVM Mogappair, we understand that these arts help the child channel their internal energies in a constructive way and give expression to them appropriately. Apart from making the child explore the infinite world of music and dance and understand how these forms can be used to communicate effectively, we also use these classes to improve the introverted child’s ability to express freely.

Rhythm is a key tool to help a child make sense of chaos and with these classes, we teach them to organize their thoughts into proper channels. This skill helps them in many ways both in academic areas as well as others, allowing them to view things from a different, more artistic plane

Music/ dance classes also train the child to appreciate the arts and to gain a glimpse into our heritage and culture, wherein art forms have been used since times immemorial as means of emotional communication.