We are among the top 10 schools in Chennai to train the students in the right way during these crucial years

Once the student enters the Middle School phase, the increased pressure of coursework and home work leads to excessive stress and burn out when not handled in the right way. At MVM Mogappair, we retain a focus on training for competitive exams but we integrate the process into our lesson plan to make it seamless and easy for the student to handle. Our goal is to make the lessons more challenging without overwhelming the child and causing undue stress.

At the same time, we nudge the student to push their own limits and support them fully with all the assistance they need in these endeavours. We make national and international opportunities open for the child to test their level of knowledge against peers and also inculcate a healthy sense of competition among the student body within campus.

Targeted training at our specialized academy with subject experts will be offered as an integrated course for all competitive exams including NTSE, UPSC, JEE etc. MVM is one of the preferred CBSE schools in Mogappair for students who wish to excel in competitive exams without sacrificing their creative thought process or spontaneity.